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Our Donors

The SRAC Museum of Scouting would not be possible without the generous contributions we have received from many donors. The following is a list of our founding contributors, as well as the many donors who have helped us since 2003 by contributing their time, money, and collections.

Founding Contributors

George Apthorp
Blake Barnidge
John Bates
Paul Cureton
Sandler Dickson
Josh Goodman
Ken Griffin
Bill Kennedy
Sam Murrow
Mel Pope
William Salburg
Al Sistrunk
Al Smith
Dickie Stoutamire
Jerry Stoutamire
Wynot Family
Steve Yon

Sustaining Contributors

Arbuckle Family
Heinz Bartell
Barney Bishop
Bob Boyd and family
William Boynton
Steve Branch
David Mack Brinkley
Kermit Brown
Weldon Carlisle
Ward Cole
Glenda Connally
Randall V. Couch
Eugene Dunifon and family
Padraic Elliot
George Elliott
Clay Fallis
Wayne Fallis
Chris Floyd
William Guhl
David Hensarling
John Highsmith
Robert (Bobby) Hines
Karl M. Holschuh
Dave Jameson
Ivan E. Johnson
Tom Kennedy
Jack Levins
Charlie Mallow
Farley Maxwell
Joe May
Michael McBride
Dana Merryday
Bill Miller
Bart Moore
Rick Obermeyer
David Pate
Pat Peacock
Ralph Proctor and family
Charlie Rockwood and family
Jacob Sanford
Buzz Sawyer
Gail Schaper
Phillip Schiesswohl
Bob Schmidt
Floyd Self
E.E. Sizemore
Phil Smith
Joey Tillman
Troop 104 (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Clint Van Diver
Murray Wadsworth
Bruce Walther
John Yeatman