Area 6-D Conference Leather Vigil Candidate Instructions 1963


Brown triangular piece of leather with instructions for Vigil candidates at the Area 6-D Conference in 1963. The instructions are: "Dear Brother - in preparation for your journey tonight you will need 1. knife 2. watch 3. axe 4. matches 5. poncho 6. blankets 7. flashlight." On the reverse is written: "Area 6-D Conference 1963; April 26, 1963; Vigil Honor Tallahassee, Fla." Included is a frame and label, "Richard Buck, Lodge Chief 1964."

Format: emblems

Date: 1963-04-26

Geographic Location:

Tallahassee (Fla.)

Leon County (Fla.)


Order of the Arrow



Source: Rick Obermeyer Collection (2018.029), SRAC Museum of Scouting