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Semialachee Lodge Vigil Honor Members

The following is a partial list of Semialachee Lodge 239 Vigil Honor members. Members who took their Vigil in a different lodge are not listed here.

Name Year Vigil Name (Translated from Lenne Lenape
or Local Native American Laguage)
Eugene J. Jones 1947 The Active One
Govan Ware 1948 Faithful One
Edward M. Andrews 1953 Clear Water
Herbert McMillan 1953 Young Brave
Lloyd O. Turner 1953 Swift Waters
Jack Champion 1955 Limpkin
Walter A. DeMilly 1955 One Who Helps
Charles Forehand 1955 Hawk
Jack Levins 1956
David Atkinson 1956 Living Coals
William Layton Yancey 1956 Cypress Tree
Chubby Ted Earnest 1957 Alligator
John M. Fleming, Jr. 1957 Cold Water
Robert W. Pope 1957 Lamp
Kenneth Drupiewski 1959 A Great Talker
Lyman Fletcher 1959 Raccoon
John M. Locklart 1959 Bachelor
Brent Pichard 1959 Small Fish
Bobby Harris 1960
Walter McMillan 1960
Wilson L. Sistrunk 1960
Robert E. Arnow, Jr. March 1961 Red Arrow
Francis R. Bridges, Jr. March 1961 White Flower
Harold L. Dudley March 1961 White Sunshine
David Fletcher March 1961 Eagle
Gilbert R. Pirrung March 1961 Powerful Speech
Sam Register, Jr. March 1961 Good Wampum
Peter Desantis December 1961 Dancer
William Kennedy December 1961 Snake
Albert W. Sistrunk December 1961 One Who Speaks True
Richard Buck, Jr. 1963 Determined One
Mack D. Lassiter 1963 Man Leader of Men
Samuel Garretson 1963 One Who Sacrifices
John W. White 1963 White Elk
Jack Willis 1963 One Who Serves Boys
Douglas O. Maddox 1968 Helpful One
Philip J. Schiesswohl 1968 Earnest One
Lloyd H. Ivey 1969 He Who Serves
C. Sam Murrow, Jr. 1969 Capable One
C. Sam Murrow, Sr. 1969 Diligent One
Bruce Nelson 1969
Roy Kennedy 1970 Willing One
Thomas H. White 1970 Spiritual One
Tim Coughlin 1971 Helpful One
Robert J. Schmidt 1971 Reliable One
Ivan Johnson, III 1974 One Who Creates With Hands
Dana J. Merryday 1974 Tall One
Bill Twomey 1974 Peaceful One
Chris Floyd 1975 Traveler
Jim Hogg 1975 Mountain
Melvin Kane 1975 One Who Does Good Work
Bob Swanson 1975 One Who Creates With Mind
Greg M. Richardson 1976 Spiritual One
Bill Luc 1976
John Polk Brooks 1977 Excited One
Charles E. Engle 1977 He Who Has Great Spirits
Ronald L. Hirt 1977 Determined One
Wilburn D. "Buzz" Sawyer 1977 Accomplished One
Harold Kane 1978 Jocular One
Bruce Landrum 1978 Ardent One
Bill Ayers 1979 Loyal One
Cecil Davis 1981 Perplexed One
Mark C. Rabenold 1981 Little Canoe
Bill Agner 1982 He Who Makes Others Happy
George Dalton 1982 He Who Speaks Truly
Danny Taylor 1982 Flying Squirrel
Jay Wheeler 1982 He That Condemns
Kevin Corley 1985 Peaceful One
Wayne Fallis 1985 Little Man Laborer
Kevin R. Taylor 1985 Tall Leader
Clay W. Fallis 1986 Strong One
Brad Umberger 1986 Giving One
Gary Weathers 1986 Bridge Builder
Jim Cabaniss 1987 He Who Speaks Truly from the Heart
Dean Wall 1987 Clown
Michael Ward 1987 Humorous One Who Marks the Earth
Scott Wilson 1987 Diligent One
Ron Brown 1988 He Who is Concerned for Wilderness
Sean Cox 1989 Chief Who Persuades
Todd Cummings 1989 He Who Works But Likes to Rest
Al Smith 1989 Black Owl
Tom Kennedy 1990
Jim D. Barnidge 1990 Teacher Who Creates With His Hands
Tonero Bender 1990 Reliable One Who Has Good Spirits
Clay Carroll 1990 Hard Worker Who Carries a Load
Neil Christopher 1990 Quiet One Who Comes Back
George B. Hensarling 1990 Leader Who Cooks
Blake Barnidge 1992 Friendly Hard Worker
Ken Griffin 1992 Whiporwill Adviser
David Hensarling 1992 Leader Who Creates with His Hands
Thomas Kennedy 1992 Strong One Who Strengthens
David McDuffie 1992 Swimming Bear
David J. Kennedy 1993 One Who Strengthens
W. Preston Laslie 1993 Modest One Who Does Good Work
Albert J. Rother 1993 Active One
Paul Wittig 1993 One Who Can Be Trusted
W. David Young 1994 He Who Has Good Spirits
Merritt Cleve Atchley 1997 Great Hungry One
Francis McCall 1997 Inquiring Leader Who Has Plenty
Timothy Chad Morris 1997 Lean Chief Who Speaks Plainly
Christopher Aaron Royals 1997 Quiet Follower
Terry Alan Whitaker 1997 Humorous One Who Is Skillful
Charles Laslie 1999 Determined One
Mitch Royals 1999 One Who Aids
Bruce Walther 2000 Adviser Who Enlightens
Lance Swisher 2000 Diligent Chief
Christopher LaBelle 2000 Friend Who is Prepared
Andrew Smith 2000 Happy One Who Creates with Hands
Brian English 2000 One Who Advocates Our Cause
Richard Matthews 2000 Quiet Leader
Ken Greene 2000 Drum Beater Who Carries a Load
Daniel McMillan 2001 Quiet One Who Creates with Mind
Andrew K. Greene 2002 Able Dancer
Christopher Campbell 2002 Esteemed One
Joe Naiman 2002 Big Drum Beater
Larry LaBelle, III 2003 Short Beaver Who is Bald
Larry Kubiak 2003 Trusted Medicine Man Who Leads
Alex Hartsfield 2003 Quiet One Who Is Cunning
Deidre Greene 2004 Mother of Warriors Who Drum
Daniel Godwin 2004 Adventurous Pathfinder Who Leads
James Peacock 2004 Spiritual Dancer Who Is Witty
Charlie Goble 2004 Hard-Working Honorable Warrior
Charles Ezell 2004 High Chieftain of Rocky Top
Lee Griffin 2004 Silent Thinking Fox Who Serves
Christopher Stranburg 2004 Well-Speaking Chief Who Swims
Mark Snyder 2005 Strong Policeman Always There
Josh Goodman 2005 Funny Author of the Nose
Lane Branch 2005 Old Cloth Trader
Matt McLendon 2005 Wheeler Guide to Strength
Rory Coughlin 2005 Flaming Shirt Medicine Man
Ward Cole 2006 Skilled Farmer Who Cooks
Vince D'Amico 2006 Powerful Owl Who Works Hard
Kevin Lachat 2006 High-Minded Eagle
David M. Pate 2006 Caring Adviser Called The Heavy
John Self 2006 Friendly Brother Who Guides
Brody Lax 2007
Brody Enwright 2007 Cheerful Guide
John Ingle 2007 Hardworking Climber
John Malloy 2007 Reliable Hunter
P.J. Rivera 2007 Calm Swimmer
Kevin Walther 2007 Dedicated Chieftain
Joseph Horsey 2008 Leader Who Cooks
Norman "Doc" Horton 2008 Silent Helper
Jordan Lax 2008 Small One Who Speaks Little
Nomar Rivera 2008 One With Many Answers
Kevin Yon 2008 Swims with Gators
Randy Enwright 2009 Accomplished One
Jeremy Mohrfeld 2009 He Who Has Good Spirits
Michael Schindler 2009 Quiet Wrestler
Dee Dee Wingate 2009 Bear Who Teaches
Jeramie Brue 2010
T.J. Payne 2010
Michael Cenedella 2010 Vibrant Swimmer
Brice Childers 2010 Thoughtful Chieftain
Austin Cushing 2010 Athletic Guardian
Mike Love 2010 One Who Dances
Tyler Stranburg 2010 Hard-Working Servant
Carl Bartholomew 2011
Bart Moore 2011
Joshua Cushing 2011 Buffalo Who Dances
Pat Cushing 2011 Stone-Face Adviser
Dane DeBrunner 2011 Musical Swimmer
William Earle Klay 2011 Dedicated Scholar
Bradley Moore 2011 Diligent Friend
James Rhodes-Dreyer 2011 Adviser From the West
William Boyle 2012 Flies with Owls
Jimmy Henderson 2012 Old Man Who Cooks
Adam Moore 2012 Frontiersman
Davis Ponder 2012 Southern Gentleman
Avery Smith 2012 Willing Servant
Henry "Lambert" West 2012 Silent One Who Works With Wood
Paul Cendella 2013 Swimming Merchant
Sharon Horsey 2013 Silent One Who Cooks
Casey Lax 2013 Swimming Warrior
Kevin Schaper 2013 Silent Worker
Robert Godwin 2014
Gabriel Cenedella 2014
Padraic J. Elliot 2014
James Griner 2014 Sitting Dancer
Andrew Stahl 2014 Dancing Drummer
William Hartsfield 2014 Old Man Who Shoots
Joey Wayne Fallis 2015 Red-Haired Wild Chief
David Hodges 2015
Harrison Reid 2015
Christopher Stahl 2015
Ben Patrick West 2015 Calm-Minded Worker
George Quitman Avery 2016
Nathan T. Cushard 2016
Todd W. Cushard 2016
Joe Reinman 2016
Charles E. Boyle 2017 One Who Flies with Eagles
Phillip Dillon 2017 Warrior Medicine Man
Spencer Klay 2017 Dedicated Worker
Bob Norwillo 2017 Hard-Working Alligator
Charles Wright 2017 Enthusiastic Guardian
Louis Edward West 2017 Dedicated Friend
Chris Brockmeier 2018 Eagle Builder
John Brockmeier 2018 Canoe Guardian
Austin Ruehle 2018
Michael Post 2018 Laboring Friend
Dale Austin 2019 Swift Owl
Kenji Austin 2019 Lively Player
Connor Herbst 2019 Hard-Working Drummer
Joseph Tillman 2019
Charles Mallow 2020 Diligent Guardian of the Woods
Robert Mallow 2020 Medicine Man of the Marsh
Hudson Large 2020
Tim Post 2020 Generous Cook
Kyle Randolph 2020 Bright Grass Dancer