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SRAC Leadership

The following are the council presidents and executives who have guided Scouting in our region since the Suwannee River Area Council was established in 1924. Prior to that time, a number of communities still had Scout troops, but the program was administered directly from the National Council in New York. Tallahassee had its own council briefly; its presidents and commissioners are given below as well.

Council Presidents

F. Clifton Moor (Tallahassee), 1924-1928
W.L. Marshall (Tallahassee), 1928-1930
C. Richard Shaw (Quincy), 1930-1932
L.A. Yates (Tallahassee), 1932-1936
Payne H. Midyette (Tallahassee), 1936-1938
L.O. Gratz (Quincy), 1938-1939
E.W. Cox (Bainbridge), 1939-1940 
Leonard A. Wesson (Tallahassee), 1940-1942
Henry S. Cohen (Moultrie) 1942-1943
Leonard A. Wesson (Tallahassee), 1943-1944
Al Scaife (Thomasville), 1944-1946
R. Harris Jefferson (Cairo), 1946-1947
J.H. Kansinger (Perry), 1948-1950
Elzy McLeod (Thomasville), 1950
Julian Alford (Tallahassee), 1950-1951
James Hardee (Madison), 1951-1953
Richard Gardner (Quincy), 1953-1955
Floyd Searcy (Thomasville), 1955-1957
Sidney Garrison (Bainbridge), 1957-1959
A. Frank O'Kelley (Tallahassee), 1959
Francis R. Bridges, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1959-1961
Walter A. DeMilly (Tallahassee), 1961-1963
Jim Ed Gilbert (Quincy), 1963-1965
James F. Carr, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1966-1967
William M. Luckie (Thomasville), 1967-1968
Sydney Andrews (Tallahassee), 1969-1970
William C. Smith (Tallahassee), 1971-1972
Payne Midyette, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1973-1974
Paul Hunt (Tallahassee), 1975-1976
James E. Joanos (Tallahassee), 1977-1978
Thomas P. Wood (Tallahassee), 1979-1980
Frank S. Shaw, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1981
Charles E. Rockwood (Tallahassee), 1982
Kenneth L. Pray, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1983
Al Rother (Perry), 1984
C. Edwin Rude, Jr. (Tallahassee), 1985-1986
Glenn Brown (Bainbridge), 1987-1988
Barrett Johnson (Tallahassee), 1989-1990
Perry Odom (Tallahassee), 1991-1992
Al Rother (Tallahassee), 1993-1994
Ivan Johnson (Tallahassee), 1995-1996
Roy Campbell (Thomasville), 1997-1998
Christopher Campbell (Tallahassee), 1999-2004
John Bell (Tallahassee), 2005-2006
Tim Hunt (Tallahassee), 2007-2008
Chris L. Jensen, Jr. (Tallahassee), 2009-2010
James Andy Gray, Jr. (Tallahassee), 2011-?
Norman H. "Doc" Horton, Jr. (Tallahassee), 2013-2014
Morris Miller (Tallahassee), 2016-2017
John Wood (Tallahassee), 2018-present

Scout Executives

H.C. Kenemer, 1924-1925
Millard Davidson, 1925-1930
Douglas M. Burnette, 1930-1936
Charles Safley, 1936-1941
Joe L. Ballenger, 1941-1944
Fred Vantrease, 1944-1945
Eugene J. Jones, 1945-1949
O. Lloyd Turner, 1949-1962
David L. Liles, 1963-1966
George Myers, 1966-1969
Douglas Cofield, 1969-1973
George Lambert, 1974-1983
William T. Luc, 1984-1986
Keith Christopher, 1987-1993
Andy Hindman, 1994-1996
Palmer Sanders, 1997-2002
Brian English (interim), 2003
Charles Ezell, 2004-2007
Matt Hart, 2008-2009
Kevin Kilduff, 2010-2018
Terry Whitaker, 2019-present